Super Busy Stressful AHHH Week = My 1st “Treat Yo Self” Post

I love Parks and Recreation. Everyone in that show is hilarious – and the episode where Tom Haverford (<3 Aziz!) and Donna take a day to treat themselves ranks up there in my top 5. I know I am not alone in this, and I’m also probably not the only person who has taken to treating themselves a little more after watching that episode. What can ya do?!

TREAT YO SELF video clip from youtube

So, this is a food blog and I am going on and on about Parks and Rec and Aziz Ansari, and could probably continue to go on, but it is time to explain where food comes into this whole “Treat Yo Self” thing. See, I knew it was going to be a rough week, so I planned ahead. THANK GOODNESS for that, because rough doesn’t even come close to doing this horrific week justice. So planning ahead, in my Treat Yo Self world, means getting a Martha’s Salad Plate at Marti’s at Midday. O M G. I don’t even know where to begin.

Marti’s at Midday

I had lived here almost a year before I first went to Marti’s (that was WAY too long to wait – if anyone reading this lives in Athens or within a 3 hour radius – GO RIGHT NOW, well, it isn’t open now, but go asap!). Marti’s is this cute, super southern little to – go food shop in a renovated house off of Prince Ave in Athens. They have fun commercials on TV down here with people raving about the food. I should have taken them more seriously because the food is FANTASTIC. Not only that, the portions are RIDICULOUS too. I’m thinking that my Martha’s Salad Plate (huge scoop of really yummy chicken salad, another huge scoop of pimento cheese, a deviled egg, salad with balsamic dressing, fruit, and homemade pita chips, oh those pita chips are the best part I think) weighed about 5 pounds. I’m not fantastic with estimating weight, but I really don’t think that is exaggerating too much. Needless to say, that lasts me like 4 meals for about $9. I honestly don’t know why I don’t just get one of those at the start of every week (oh yeah, all that pimento cheese probably isn’t good for me…definitely glad I didn’t discover that health food until I moved down here). OOO and the mint sweet tea, gotta mention that too. I am totally not alone in this Marti’s obsession, the whole reason that I chose Marti’s as my Treat Yo Self destination this week is because a girl that I met while shopping in Austin a few weekends ago went on and on about how much she missed Marti’s (she went to school at UGA prior to moving to Austin). Coming from someone who lives in Austin – with all the awesome food they have there – says a lot.

Try and tell me that doesn’t look like a party on a plate.

So I realize this entire post sounds like an ad for Marti’s (and maybe Parks and Rec) rather than some sort of professional, objective review. Well, I am not a professional restaurant reviewer, just being honest here – I love me some Marti’s. I will admit that the Martha’s Salad Plate is the only thing that I order (well, except that one time I just ordered a plain chicken salad sandwich – which I IMMEDIATELY regretted – I missed the pimento cheese!), I just like it too much to want to try anything else. So order other options at your own risk, although I bet most other things there are also quite delicious. For more info on Marti’s (they do offer TONS more than just the salad plate, although who would know that from reading this), their website:

And finally, as I mentioned early, I whole-heartedly embrace the whole “Treat Yo Self” idea. I believe it was a once or twice a year thing in Parks and Rec, but screw it; sometimes it just needs to happen more often, especially in grad school (in my opinion of course). As such, I imagine this will be the first of many “Treat Yo Self” posts – so stay tuned!!