I’m Ashley, and in case it is not apparent from the name of this blog, I kind of like food. For as long as I can remember, I have loved cooking, baking…basically anything to do with food. I can probably thank my dad for my love of cooking and all things food, and now even living a few states away, my desire to cook has not waned at all. If anything, I cook more now more than ever – who would have thought that with graduate school would come so many potlucks?!…and when you set the precedent high with one good batch of chocolate chip cookies, the idea of bringing a bag of chips or something like that becomes unacceptable. Most importantly for me though, I have found cooking to be a HUGE stress reliever. I know that some people become stressed the minute they walk into the kitchen or the grocery store (hello mom!), but for me, it is exactly what I like to do after a rough day working on my research or seeing clients or any of the other stresses that come with being in a phd program. Whether recreating or adapting recipes from my favorite food blogs, trying to come up with creative new recipes of my own, or discovering an awesome new restaurant, cooking + baking + eating = bliss 🙂

Along with my love of food and hatred of stress, l also have a ridiculous compulsion to take pictures and document things (mainly of the food and music variety). I am starting this blog as a means to share my adventures in cooking, eating, and life…plus of course some random musings about the trials and tribulations of being a graduate student.


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