Figuring this out as I go

Candied Bacon Matzo Crack – not the most kosher treat I have ever prepared but boy was it tasty!

I wish that I could say I had some sort of spectacular theme or idea of what to put in this blog, but to be completely honest, I am often lacking in the theme/logical organization department (which at times makes grad school pretty difficult!). So instead, what would you like to see featured? Simple recipes? Healthy recipes? Ridiculously unhealthy but delicious recipes? Cheap recipes? Complicated and somewhat expensive recipes? I have a little bit of everything going on, and it is usually easy to tell how things are going for me based on what I cook. For example – a long week at school usually ends with baked goods of some sort by the weekend, or at the beginning of the month – paycheck time – I might make a recipe with saffron (I never claimed to be the most responsible girl ever). Ideally, I’d like to say that I will be focusing on relatively healthy, inexpensive meals because I am a poor grad student trying to be healthy but sometimes I get a bit irresponsible/crazy! There will be times where I am compelled to make candied bacon matzo crack…it just happens. Those creative adventures are usually followed by some sort of vegan super healthy concoction of sorts – so there is some balance. Please bear with me and my chaotic cooking style – hopefully there will be some exciting recipes and stories to come!


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